WEEK 12: Shooting Second Round!

After another week of preparation, we got four actresses on Sunday to shoot the second and the third scene. We did good in arranging the place we shot and controlling the background noise. Slightly turning the camera to the character that was talking was added to show eyes’ movement to make POV feel more natural.

Three of the actresses were professional but the one acting as the Asian girl was picked from our classmates, so she needed more training and rehearsing. We gave her plenty of time to let her get used to the script and acting. She worked well with professional talents.

Everything were shot on time and avoided the raining. We had multiple footages to edit and put into the website next week.

Animation for the first and second scene are close to be completed and will be added into the product after editing. The black boy’s scene was shown to different people and got positive feedback and some suggestions to improve. After different pieces being put together, we will have better knowledge about how it looks.

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