Music Lessons Begin

Music Lessons Begin

There are four members of the Music Everywhere team. Each of us has a different amount of musical experience. Shantanu and Yen both have experience playing the guitar. Phan took piano lessons at an early age, but stopped before adulthood. Seth has been studying piano since childhood, had taught piano before attending graduate school, and plays a variety of additional instruments.

As we began to discuss piano concepts for AR implementation, it became apparent some group study would raise the level of musical understanding and benefit the team members both individually as well as our ability to collectively deliver a better overall “Music Everywhere” product.

So, with each day we will reserve time to have a 15-minute lesson, examining and expanding upon one concept at a time. By the end of our project we should have a minimum of 75 days of mostly-consecutive piano and music study.

We began with an examination of the piano keyboard and the treble clef, identifying the notes on each and how they relate to one another. We covered basic pitch and rhythm symbols and values, octaves, accidentals, key signatures and time signatures thus far. These are concepts we’ve introduced, but will review and build upon over the course of our study.

First keyboard lesson
First keyboard lesson on the newly-arrived Roland FP-30 digital piano

When the new Roland FP-30 digital piano arrived, we shifted to lessons at the piano, applying concepts discussed in previous days, and Shantanu, Yen and Phan learned to play their first piano song (right hand only)…”Happy Birthday.”

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