Teaching piano improvisation techniques and providing a space in AR for piano students to practice creating their own phrases, melodies and rhythms became the primary instructional focus of the Music Everywhere project.

We were fortunate to have a variety of resources to help us develop the teaching method. We consulted with CMU faculty, professional jazz, blues, rock and classical performers, while leveraging team member experience and drawing inspiration from related literature by Bob Taylor, David Baker and John Mehegan among others.

The four core concepts of our instruction method are:

Core Instruction Concepts
Core Concepts
  1. Listening to other pianists improvise is the cornerstone of learning to create one’s own melodies and improvised solos.
  2. Guiding users towards correct piano playing habits can be done through the use of a virtual hand and verbal instruction.
  3. It is important to pace the lessons according to the target audience, for optimal learning.
  4. For a more complete understanding of improvisation, it is recommended to teach skills in a variety of musical styles.

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