Music in Motion Says Adieu

This was the final week of project work for Music in Motion. We were pushing to complete the final touches on our project this week, and there were quite a few. We had a bit of a repeat of our […]

Soft Landing

Monday and Tuesday were dedicated to Softs. Our team slept very little in preparation for the faculty visits. We all had no sense of whether or not what we had created was successful, or fun, or felt connected to music. […]


We were staring down the barrel of Softs this week. And it was a busy week. We continued with faculty walk-arounds all the way up until Friday. Besides touching base with our own faculty advisors for process grades, we found […]

Truss(t) Us, We’re Experts

The time for exploration has ended and Music in Motion is currently finalizing the design of our experience. It has been our core focus this week, but we have also been very busy with faculty walk-arounds and visitors stepping in […]


Last week was the ultimate playtest week. We did one final brainstorming based on our feedback from halves as well as our own sense of progress and lessons learned. One common piece of feedback we received from our faculty as […]


This week was almost completely focused on halves presentations. Several of our team members caught the GDC bug and it meant that things moved a little slower than usual. We did start off the week by discussing the feedback we […]

Finding Motivation

The past two weeks were a bit of a slow-down for the project as our time was split between spring break and GDC. Nevertheless we managed to chug along. As we worked towards building a cohesive world we decided that […]

Give us a Break

This week was very busy for most of the team as we entered midterms. However, there were a few important visits and events. On Monday we completed process grades with our advisors and discussed our progress so far this semester. […]

Dead Beats and Wizards of Odd

This week began with an exploration into rhythm. We had hopes of using guests’ movement to set a tempo for the world’s music. Unfortunately most of our concepts did not work out well. Our initial idea was to use the […]


This week we made some exciting strides forward. First, we got into the swing of our prototyping schedule. On Monday we were able to test four separate interactions that were each mapped to the same shared synth. We found that […]