Neo Security Lab Week 3 blog

Neo Security Lab Week 3 blog

For week 3 of our project, we listened to our customers and keep iterated our two ideas we had last week. The challenges we are facing is we want our user entertained by our mini-game, however, we don’t want our users to feel our mini-game unrelated to the questions, we added theme and narrative and user’s background setting for our design.

Our first iteration is Cyberpunk theme and only one end to prevent user ‘s curiosity, our user background as A Network resource administrator to decide permissions for different application requests. We set three stages of mini-game which are:

Game stage 1

Game type: connecting pipes

Reward per task:
More calculating resource == longer puzzle-solving time

Game stage 2

Game type: Airplane shooting game

Reward per task:
More calculating resource == more health point, higher attacking power, and more bomb

Game stage 3

Game type: Card matching

Reward per task:
More calculating resource == longer puzzle-solving time, or more automatic matching skills

Our second iterated idea is Spy Adventure theme
Game goal: User is a spy trying to steal secret files from syndicate company.

User Background setting: User receives different application requests from mysterious unknown groups. AI assistants will give suggestions to help users make decisions.
Task: If the user answers correctly, then the user will get more secret files in the end scene. (Only showing the size of the secret files.)

We also researched our Potential Platforms for our upcoming development we analyse the pros and cons for each dev platform we will use and try to develop our rudiment on coscos 2d and phaser

The two rudiment video on cocos 2d and phaser