Neo Security Lab Week12 blog

Neo Security Lab Week12 blog

Week 12 is the fourth week since we started to work remotely. This week we had our product play tested During ETC playtest from April 6 to April 8, we also refined the reward system and the calculation formula based on client’s need. For the UI part we modified the scroll view and scrollbar more user friendly and we shortened the winning effect to 50% from the last version. Additionally we build a pure game version and a web server to test the difficulty curve for players and we will modify our minigame base on the test data.

From the playtest responses and data , we figured almost 50% testers think the experience is too long so we might do some adjusting on the minigame to make the experience shorter and most of responses mentioned the Ai confidence number and the task questions feels very fake, we think if we can’t get the API by next following weeks we might come up with some believable company names or questions , and we also got some note from our instructor that mentions ,would be nice to have API calls in place so that we can see how many users are dropping out and where because of (a) a minigame is too hard; (b) too many tasks; (c) tasks not justified with enough data for an educated decision; (d) tasks seem like coin-flipping so why bother; (e) no idea how many tasks there are, like frustrating never-ending web surveys and also would be nice to have API calls with choices and timing saved, to see if ending tasks are always answered in less time than up front tasks because users do not believe they have enough information to really answer properly. Need to have real cost and reward arithmetic in place, as this placeholder (and incorrect) formula was called out as bogus by testers, need to have real companies and products in tasks to make them more believable, and need to have believable form of AI and of evidence, so that this does not seem like coin-flipping exercise which is not fun (guess the coin flip) as it requires no skill.

For the most important UI part, we followed the client’s need to put the reward number on the top of the task and get rid of the and also refine our calculation code base on clients formula.

For the summary page part ,we changed the scrollbar, to make it more smoothly and easy to scroll.

For the story and task part we added a temporary Illustration of the 9G laser network in the story(since our client said his team will handle the art part so the Illustration will be temporary and made by our programmer) ,and we also cut the special effect after winning the minigame to half based on client’s feedback. Additionally, we took the initiative and changed the task questions to make it more real.

We also release a pure game build and we set a dynamic web server so we can catch every player’s play time at each level and we can adjust our minigame’s difficult base on the data.