Neo Security Lab Week 14 Blog

Neo Security Lab Week 14 Blog

Week 14 is the sixth week since we started to work remotely. This week we had our soft open and we got a lot of useful feedback from our ETC faculty and we applied that feedback to our project. First we fixed the video scene control panel, and we have changed our UI and text based on soft open’s feedback and our UI professional faculty. For our client we have created a developer manual for our client’s further development.

We added, for ETC users, a screen to explain our project’s design for ETC faculty and ETC Play testers, and since we received the feedback to make our decision from more formalistic, we asked suggestions from our UI professional faculty and we change the font and layout.

For the task questions part we also changed the layout and format to make it more clear.

For the video scene part, with our project instructor’s suggestions, so that some users can’t maximize the video or get distracted by its scroll bar or length we hid the video scene control panel.

For this week we are getting our project towards to the end, so we also cleaned our old code base and updated scripts hierarchy, to avoid redundancy and improve readability and maintainability. We have also prepared a detailed developer manual for our client’s further development.