Client Visit

This week we were able to have our client come to the ETC and meet with us. What we had originally planned to be a 45 minute meeting turned into over 2 hours. For the majority of the time, we worked on the fourth exercise with our clients. It was great to have them in the room, because while they were there we got to see a little bit of how they work when thinking through issues. Since they understand the legal profession so well, they were able to sit there and on the fly generate ideas and content that our team would not be able to accomplish with all the nuance and settings that they provided to us.

Our exercise will be a matching activity that each of the students taking the course can participate in. They will be receiving bios for five students and five mentors and must match the students to who they feel would be the best mentor. Each student has certain characteristics that can help them align to each of the mentors who have certain characteristics and needs. Now that we know how it needs to work, we need to build out the pieces that will fit together and make it work in a group setting.

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