Softs to Finals

This week we had our soft openings. It’s a time when faculty go around and visit projects, see the work they’ve done, and give feedback on adjustments that should be made moving into finals. Overall, faculty seemed fairly pleased with where our project has ended up. We had several positive comments on our experience, and several small things to adjust before finals. Here’s the list of the adjustments we were given from faculty.

-work on ux to show more info
-little more clarity on exercise not directly connected
-playtest facilitator documents
-less detail on the skin to make it look smoother
-type is small on phone (and do an editorial review of text for typos)
-could show more statistics to help encourage discussion

Some of the things on this list, we were still working on. Particularly, the UX/UI had a couple things that didn’t make it into the softs build. So we can easily address that but putting in the missing pieces. The clarity on the matching exercise is something we can add to our documentation for facilitators. Faculty just wanted to make sure that people taking the course would know and understand that it is not connected to the three scenarios we show, which also relates to the facilitator documents. The skin issue was a comment that several faculty made when they visited our room. Essentially, the skin on our characters looked a little different in different areas of the face and neck. Kuk made the change to make it look uniform and smoother. The statistics is the one area we may not be able to adjust. Faculty suggested that we have a few more stats to be able to show during presentations. However, we want to be careful how deep we show statistics during a presentation. We want everyone in the room to have anonymity, and it will take some time to collect all the data to be able to say something like “this is how women have voted.” Because of those issues, we’re not implementing the ability to see more stats than what we already have.

This will likely be our team’s last post. I just want to say thank you to the team, ETC faculty and staff, and of course our client; the Pennsylvania Continuing Legal Education Board.

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