Final Presentations is our last opportunity to show our work. We present to our client’s, faculty, alumni, and other guests. For our final presentation we decided to add some theming. We presented as though we were a group of slime scientists.


The Soft Opening or “Softs” for project teams is an important opportunity to playtest the experience and receive valuable feedback from faculty, clients and outside guests. We learned a lot about our game through during the play troughs and walked away with a clear picture of what changes were key for our end product. The video below was shared with faculty in Pittsburgh to share our current progress.


At the half-way point of the semester, the team presented their progress to their fellow classmates and faculty as well as guests from EA, ETC Alumni, and the project clients. This is an important turning point for the team as it helps to indicate how we should adjust our planning for the remainder of the semester.

We recorded a brief demo of our current product to show case during our presentation. It shows about 30 seconds of game-play.

Halves Demo Video

Our presentation was recorded in full and the supporting slide-deck is included below.
Halves Presentation Video

Halves Presentation Final by Anonymous PfWl278 on Scribd


The fourth week of our project semester we had our “quarters” presentation. At the SV campus we share our progress and project plan to visitors. Their feedback is useful in helping us continue to ideate and focus on what is compelling about our work.

We were lucky enough to have our faculty advisor, Carl Rosendahl, put together a presentation to share with the other portion of the faculty in Pittsburgh.