WK8 – Halves presentation


Goal: Present Halves and take notes of faculty questions

Challenge: First time presenting in the RPIS for all the faculty. We weren’t sure we thought through of all the questions that would be asked by the faculty.

Did we fulfill this week’s goals: Yes!


We went over our presentation with Dave. He gave us feedback on things to look out for. After we worked on the slides, Zoe put a final touch that made everything look amazing. We loved our presentation! It demonstrated our process very well!

Overview of our presentation is below. Details could be viewed here.

Faculty feedback

Major message: “If they execute well then the G4C audience will really like it.” The idea feels big exciting and risky. This is great (especially the “exciting” part), but successfully executing on this seems far away and potentially out of scope. The reality of what you’re making is going to be harder to build and a smaller, tighter experience than you think. You’re behind schedule on getting a handle on the practical details of your plan.

Grades: Product B; Presentation B

After discussing with each other on our feedback, we made some major decisions:
Content: Guerrilla icon should be reconsidered due to its association to racism against African Americans and the relation to Guerrilla Girls.
Hardware: We moved from mobile to iPads and we would provide the iPads. That means 20 iPads in total and at least 1 as a spare. Steve Audia let us borrow 7 so I looked for options from main campus to lend iPads since ETC only has 7. Since our app is relatively simple, any hardware version would work fine.
Framework: We picked native app instead of web app because:
  • Native app provides more stability for the experience.
  • Requires less network bandwidth.
  • We can have pre-downloaded assets with the app not running.
  • Web app would require a server distributing assets possibly as the app is running which could be a point of failure for the experience. One example of “point of failure” could be the app not loading.  
  • Our team is more comfortable with developing native app.

Next week is Spring break. We are excited to go to conferences before starting our Production phase! 

Stay tuned.