Piggy Banksy Live at G4C

Summary Goal: Showcasing our experience to the G4C audience Challenge: What if something still goes wrong? Did we fulfill this week’s goal: Success! We are glad to announce that our Piggy experience at G4C was a big success and the participants really enjoyed it. Here are the proofs: Lessons learned Got equipment? Mail them to G4C – You don’t want to run around the streets carrying printers, computers, and other techy things. That might look cool in Silicon Valley but Read More


THE CHALLENGE Six graduate students at Carnegie Mellon’s the Entertainment Technology Center received a challenge to design a 1-hour experience about “Art and Civic Engagement” for the Games For Change (G4C) Festival in June 2019, at the Starr Foundation Hall in Parsons, New York City. Please note: This is Tera’s post-mortem on our team’s overall design and processes. For more post-mortems on designing transformational games, please visit our teammates’ blogs: Kevin’s and Zoe’s. THE OUTCOME We delivered a multiplayer networked Read More

WK 16 – Finals presentation

Summary Goal: Present our final presentation and prove that we are well-prepared for our event at the G4C festival. Challenge: We had 2 days in total to prepare for our presentation. Did we fulfill this week’s goals: Done. Faculty loved it! Process Our team presented and answered all the questions from the faculty with confidence. Looking back at our presentation at Halves, it was a rewarding feeling just to realize how much we had progressed throughout the semester and how Read More

WK 15 – Site visit

Summary Goal: Logistics planning for our site visit and final polish Challenge: We had Open House this week and less than 1 week until our final presentation. Should we spend 2.5 days to go to NYC? Did we fulfill this week’s goals: Complete all our tasks. Process After Softs, our team really wanted to go to NYC to see the site instead of staying in Pittsburgh. This was the time for me to evaluate, prioritize, and plan. Tasks in Pittsburgh: Read More

WK 14 – Piggy Banksy baby! (Beta Build)

Summary Goal: Deliver our Soft’s opening in the RPIS with confidence. Challenge: We were not confident in parts of our work (the narrative and the overall emotional impact). Did we fulfill this week’s goals: Success!!! The faculty loved our project! Process We scheduled with Drew to have our 20-minute Softs in the RPIS for all the faculty to playtest together. Because of this time constraint, we shortened our 40-minute experience down to half. Dave and Brenda told us to be Read More