WK8 – Halves presentation

Summary Goal: Present Halves and take notes of faculty questions Challenge: First time presenting in the RPIS for all the faculty. We weren’t sure we thought through of all the questions that would be asked by the faculty. Did we fulfill this week’s goals: Yes! Process We went over our presentation with Dave. He gave us feedback on things to look out for. After we worked on the slides, Zoe put a final touch that made everything look amazing. We Read More

WK7 – The first playtest

Summary Goal: Have a full playtest to find learnings and build Halves presentation. Challenge: Time is ticking. Did we fulfill this week’s goals: Yes! Process Zoe, Boyi, and Kevin spent this week building a prototype on Invision and playtested with our team.  Our playtest lasted through 45 minutes. Kevin was the facilitator and we evaluated our experience on both transformational goals and design usability. Regarding to transformational goals,  We learned that our story of revealing the different stakeholders’ perspectives prompted Read More

WK6 – We have a vision

Summary Goal: Figuring out what we are designing. Challenges: We still had not arrived at a potential experience. We also had less than 2 weeks to prepare for our Halves presentation which should include our design and preparation for the practicality of implementation. Did we fulfill this week’s goals: Yes! Process Boyi, Zoe, and Kevin individually pitched 3 designs to Dave. Kevin focused on art is a process and fun collaborative interactivity; Boyi and Zoe focused on art is a Read More

WK5 – Agree to disagree

Summary Goal: Have features for programmers to start prototyping. Challenge: Designers faced challenges figuring out our experience design. We could not agree on the vision and what to build. Did we fulfill this week’s goals: Yes! Process The past month was all about saying “yes, and” to design ideas, synthesizing them together and to the Transformational Framework. We talked about possibilities but not enough of showing. Agree to disagree – Finding the practicality of the project As our designers explored Read More

WK4 – Getting buy-ins

Summary Goal: Getting the faculty informed of our vision. Challenge: We did not have enough time to flush out 3 design directions. Did we fulfill this week’s goals: Not quite. Process Our team had Quarters review with the ETC faculty and we were told that our process (on the walls) was great, our design mechanics sounded exciting and not just “a game”, but we still needed to deliver meaning for our experience. Jessica Hammer helped us refine our problem statement Read More