WK3 – High-level purpose

Summary Goal: Figure out our high-level purpose. Challenge: We each had a different vision for the project. Did we fulfill this week’s goals: Yes, but need more work. Process Our designers were moving like lightning speed with so many creative ideas. However, pushing the framework on the team could drain our creative energy so we found other ways to bring more perspectives that can help us validate our ideas just as quick. Luckily, we heard back from experts within the Read More

WK2 – Choose a topic

Summary Goal: Choose a topic for our project. Challenge: Both topics sounded interesting…and broad to us. Weweren’t sure how to pick and if we missed out on anything if we picked one. Did we fulfill this week’s goals: Yes! Process We had our first challenge: Choose a topic. After sharing our individual research on both topics, we could not decide because both seemed interesting and doable. Having options is a luxury, but sometimes is a trouble. Options give you the Read More

WK1 – Getting to know us

Summary Goal: Getting to know the team, the project, and previous G4C projects. Challenge: We knew little of each other and what it means to be on a project semester. Did we fulfill this week’s goals: Yes! Process Our team kickstarted the project with several meetings. To learn more about the project, we did the following: Scheduled meetings with our advisers Brenda and Dave walked us through the foundation of the project, things to look out for, and the common Read More


The Quest for Knowledge & The Quest for Validity [Pre-production] & [Production] Written by Tera Nguyen When it comes to designing games, we as designers love coming up with ideas on what the end product may look like, what it might be, and how does it make us feel, because those are what excite us – the possibilities. Coming out from the course “Building Virtual Worlds” at the Entertainment Technology Center of Carnegie Mellon University – an intensive AR/VR prototyping Read More