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Picture Yourself is an Entertainment Technology Center project that aims to create a “selfie spot” for students, parents, alumni, and other interested visitors of the CMU community.  We are working with CMU Marketing and Communications to build a Welcome Center exhibit at the new Tepper Building.  Visitors will interact with a large wall-size display with customizable content that captures the affinity for CMU.  They then will be able to photograph themselves and share their experience with each other and with the community.

Picture Yourself will investigate the potential for creating an experience that innovates beyond a straightforward “selfie spot” by exploring ways to integrate interactive technology into the exhibit.  We also will be exploring different types of content to put into the display.  Our work, research, and design will go towards proof of concept for CMU that they will produce in full.  Our goal is create an entertaining and educational experience that fosters connection between visitors and among the CMU family.

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