PlastAR, What’s Next?

After a semester of hard work and fun, we are so happy to announce that PlastAR is ready to deliver our final product!

So what’s next? We talked with Joshua and Francesca last Monday about the handover and future plan of the project.

By the end of next week, all design documents, source code, built application and the backend content management system will be prepared and hand over to professor Joshua Bard, together with a detailed instruction handbook. The finished product and executive plan will be presented to Carnegie Museum of Art in May through the School of Architecture.

In this fall, a number of events are planned in the Hall of Architecture of CMoA, at which time the PlastAR app will be deployed and used by large groups of museum visitors. To make it happen, the museum will purchase around five Google Tango tablets and install the app. Visitors will be able to check out a device from a booth set up in the hall.

Our client is also talking to several other museums to discuss the possibility to adapt this experience to their setting.

Check out our YouTube channel for videos of play through and project final presentation.
Playthrough video:
Final presentation: