Week 12 (April 5th- April 11th)


Big news this week on the projector front. We got our final projector and flooring. We plan on using these in our playtest on the 11th. We also made progress in getting the final computer for the install. The ETC was nice enough to provide us with 2 computers to give to the client. one to run the install and another to serve as a backup.


The programming team has been hard at work implementing our final phase of interaction for the upcoming playtest. They have also been focused on getting the computers to automatically start up for the installation. The new phases look very promising and match the design documents quite well.


Joo Yun and Gina have created a design for the front wall. As we originally planned on doing a front projector on the wall, and had to cut it for budget purposes, we now decided to some physical artwork to put in the space. This will consist of large blobs made of foam fastened to the wall.


We are all set for the playtets on Saturday. Look for the Week 13 newsletter to have updated infor on that.