Week 2 (January 19th-23rd)

This was a solid week for the team. We solidified our schedules and started brainstorming about what the potential solutions to the problem could be.


We had our first official meeting with instructors Shirley Saldamarco and Shirley Yee. Their feedback was valuable as we also had our first phone call with the client. It helped to get our priorities straight with the goals of the project.


Based on our meeting we found that the most important thing to the client is to have an interaction that really gets the kids active and moving. Though it would be nice to have a learning component to the experience, it is not the primary focus of the exhibit. They would like us to show kids and parents alike that experiences can be both fun and active. This was a good piece of information for us to get. It helps us to ensure that we are not focusing too much on the learning aspect. We also learned that the primary audience will be 2-4 years old. The museum does get children up to 12 years old, but for the most part they are younger.


With all of this in mind, we can start to craft ideas around the younger audience first, but that may have an element of deeper gameplay or strategy. Some technologies we are particularly interested include a physical button board, the PlayStation Move, and the Sphero Ball. We will get our hands on the Sphero next week so we can test the limits of the technology.


Branding and Artwork

Our artist Gina has been hard at work getting our poster and logo together. We are going for something a little more playful and childish with the designs. They will be very colorful and bright. Faculty members John Dessler, Ruth Comley, and Shirley Yee came to offer feedback and suggestions which will be helpful moving forward.


Next Week

Next week we will be traveling to the client in West Virginia. We want to document the space well so we know what conditions we will be installing with. We also will pitch them on three ideas and get their feedback and level of interest.


Three Idea Topics

  1. Sphero Ball
  2. “Splatoon”
  3. Digital/Physical tower defense.


Until next week readers,


Team P4L