Playgrounds: Week 12

Week Twelve was not an exciting week for the team, and that was exactly what we needed.

One of the key happenings this week was faculty coming to the room to give feedback. This was beneficial not only for them to see the progress we had made in the last two weeks, but also to make sure we could get their notes before we needed to lock our content and focus on implementation. Because of our late pivot at Halves, we knew that leaving enough time for implementation would be key, but we also understood that making a product without implementing as much feedback as possible would defeat the point.

We were fortunate to have faculty members Jesse Schell and Dave Cybula spend time in the project room discussing our interaction design, while Ruth Comley and Mike Christal were able to give us feedback about better use of our hardware. Heather Kelly and John Dressler were also able to review our experience from a more holistic view. In addition to faculty, various other visitors to the building were brought to the project room throughout the week to test with naive guests, and get feedback from a non-academic perspective.

Taking these notes, the team was able to spend the back half of the week beginning our content lock. The script will be locked over the weekend, allowing interdependent design already in process, like art and lighting, to be finalized by Wednesday. Constructions schematics for our specialized table top have been sent in for fabrication expected Monday, and physical printing for our table cards is set for Tuesday. Baring what’s being fabricated, all the hardware we’re going to need for the experience is in the room, and we are prepared to work on it, with it, or assemble it.

As things are taking shape, we still acknowledge that time is very short.¬† With the holiday next week, and Soft Opening on the 26th, we’ll need to use every moment that we can.