Playgrounds: Week 13

Week Thirteen was a strange and scattered week for the team, but work still got done.

The most tangible progress this week came from construction of the physical side of the experience. To make the most of our our smart light ecosystem,  we designed a costume acrylic table top, and had it manufactured at a local fabrication company. The fabrication, as well as Alan’s initial design specs, went off without a hitch, and the acrylic top bolted onto our table base without a problem.

The next step was making sure our theoretical lighting design fit on our very real table. Some of the work came from programming matching color codes for the selected looks, and coding in the patterns and interactions that we wanted. Other work work came physically attaching the lights to the table, making sure to find the feeling that we wanted without making the table cloth look too sheer, or having too obvious of lighting hot-spots. And the rest of the work came in reconciling those two efforts into one coherent lighting design.

Physical fabrication also extended to the dressing found on top of the table as well. To house the four chest-level bulbs we wanted to use, plans were drafted for a small wooden planter. We took that design laser cut it, stained it, and glued together in our shop. Artificial grass and flowers were added to complete the feel.

Programming’s work was no less important, but a little more frustrating. With a hard deadline of Monday, our programmers began hunting for bugs. Because we’re working on relativity new hardware, and brand new software, figuring out what’s broken down and where to fix it has been challenging. They are continuing to work, and the project is continuing to improve.

The holiday on Thursday has put an extra crunch on the time the team has available, and we will be working through the weekend to make sure that we have something to show on Softs. But we are making progress, and we’re excited to see what we end up with.