Playgrounds: Week 15

Week Fifteen saw prepping for, and delivering on, the ETC Fall Festival.

The Fall Festival is a program-wide celebration of what students have accomplished throughout the semester. Students in the Immersion Semester get to showcase their work from their classes, and students on projects get to show of their deliverable. Before we could present at the Festival, however, we had a major issue that needed addressing.

It turned out that our audio fix was much more complicated than first expected. The initial idea was to replace the instances of speech to text with sound files. As we were already familiar with a similar process for our sound effects, we did not expect this to be an issue. However, by bypassing the speech to text, we accidentally cut out the programming that allowed for the microphone to turn on to accept guest vocals. What was intended to just be plugging in new assets turned into a structural re-figuring of a portion of the code.

Even with that extra work, we were able to get ourselves in shape for Festival. The night saw around 500 guests in the building, with nearly 100 coming through our room. The light-hearted, party atmosphere was an amazing chance to playtest our use-case. The good news was, it worked. Guests found the writing amusing, the interacting engaging, and the drinks at the end fun. Having been so close to the project for so long, it was good to that the naive guest response was overwhelmingly positive.

The tail end of the week was spent collecting ourselves for Finals. As the last chance to explain our process and product to the faculty and student body, we want to make sure we accurately capture the last fifteen weeks of our efforts. With only fifteen minutes allotted for our presentation, we’ll need to be as clear and concise as we can.

It’s been an exciting semester. Now it’s time to put it to bed.