Week 4 (9/17 to 9/23)

On Monday, we pitched our ideas to Drazen and Olinka during our weekly Skype call. Over last week, we squared in on a couple of concepts for interactive installations and themes for the museum space. We began to develop basic prototypes based on these ideas and flesh out the concepts using storyboards.

Our biggest step for the week was finalizing the theme for the museum space. We decided to go with a factory based theme to tie in with Pittsburgh’s industrial heritage. Based on this decision, we started creating design mock-ups for the space in the form of 3D renders.



To start visualizing the guest flow for the exhibit, we completed a basic scale model of the space so we can arrange the exhibits as required.


We narrowed down all our ideas to a select few to begin designing digital prototyping for quarters. Based on feedback, we will continue to refine these over time. We have also started brainstorming ideas for individual exhibits to see how they may fit into the space in terms of the overall theme. We have a couple of basic prototypes ready in preparation for quarters next week.

In addition, this week we partnered with the CMU Lawyer Matt D’Emilio to solidify details related to the project contract, specifically our IP rights as students working at CMU.  He also worked with us to allow donations to proceed (the donation letter is a contract for items to enter the museum’s permanent collection) and we had to work with him to draft a copy of that in time, to ensure that the official URL could be posted on the website (both ours and the museum’s own).

Looking ahead, we will be preparing for quarters review.  Specifically outlining our production plans, challenges and concepts for interaction.