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About Us

Who We Are


We are team Rainvive from Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center. We are producing a traditional short animation film on top of a preproduction package, and making a predesigned package for a future team.

The goal of this project is to get students to experience working in the animation production pipeline and hone skills, build cohesive stories, environments and worlds.

This film tells the story of a native American spirit that is calling the rain and celebrating its power of reviving.


Latest Posts

Week 14: Soft and Final Adjustments

On Monday, we had our Soft Opening. We presented our newest render as well as the pre-production progress to the faculty. We color-graded the render to make it more death…

Week 13: Pre-production Package

To get us familiar with a complete animation production pipeline, as we were given a pre-production package from a previous team, we will also produce a preproduction package for a…

Week 12: Make the flowers bloom

Early this week, we play-tested with several faculty and experts. The results are really valuable for us. A good amount of people understand what is happening in the story without…

Week 11: Meeting with Ben and Give it Magics

We were happy having a zoom meeting with Ben, our cultural adviser, again in early this week. It’s always exciting to meet with him especially after getting through a huge…

Week 10: Start High-Quality Rendering

This week, we rethink the scope and made a detailed plan to help us better approach a finished product by the end of this semester. We started to add ray-tracing…

Week 9: Moving Remotely, Lose the Motion Capture

We visited the Motion capture lab on the main campus during the spring break. Justin gave us a talk about how to operate the whole system. He also helped us…

Week 8: The Halves

This week, we had the halves presentation. In the presentation, we showcased our research, development process and our future plan. Here is the video clip. As we promised, we showed…

Week 7: Preparing for the Halves

The halves are coming right away. We must show off something really cool to give everyone a clear sense of what we are doing and what has been done. Below…

Week 6: Iterated on the Character and Animatic

Last week, we asked Ben about the detailed feedback on our character design. He replied to us with a list of suggestions. We found several accessories references in Navajo culture…

Week 5: Go into the Development Phase

This week, Rosy and Cara worked together to create our poster. It’s filled up with the major elements in our story, the spirit girl, the feather, and the tree. This…

Week 4: Stay true and be accurate

On the Monday we have the 1/4 walk-around. Faculty gave us a lot of helpful feedback. The biggest concern is the culture offense. It’s not only whether we can speak…

Week 3: Shorten the Story

Painfully but necessarily, we shorten our story and killed the flower character because our old design is way out of scope. Right now, the feather has stood out the most…

Week 2: New Storyboard and the Magic Feather

This week we all sit together to in deeply talk about the elements that we want to bring from the original story into our own design. We adjust some of…

Week 1: Hello Rainvive

Right after most of us came back from the west coast trip, we are diving into our project semester. This group is made by 6 students from Carnegie Mellon University…

Our Team

Nice to meet you

Yiqi(Cara) Chen

Cara is a 3D Environment Artist.
With a background in Architecture, she is interested in 3D environment art and wants to build worlds in virtual world.
On Rainvive, she will be working as a 3D environment artist.


Rong(Rosy) Fu

Rosy is a self-motivated 3D artist.
She has a background in game programming, and she is interested in British rock music, musical, and Japanese culture! Wryy!
In this project, she will be working as a concept and 3D character artist and will do the rigging, texture, and animation.


Jiadai(JD) He

JD has a background in Computer Science and Engineering, and she is interested in visual effects.
In this project, she will be working as a technical director who explores and realizes simulation in cloth, hair and fluid.


Zhi(Zoltan) Jing

Zoltan is a programmer.
With a background in Software Engineering, he is interested in game development and computer graphics.
On Rainvive, he will be working as a technical artist exploring and implementing lighting and some visual effects.


Weidi Tang

Weidi is a Technical Artist who has a background in Game Design and Development. She is interested in creating convincing VFX for games, location-based entertainment, and animation films.

Shw will be creating a series of artistic VFX for this project.


Amara Pedroso Saquel

Amara Pedroso Saquel, is a third year Acting major at Carnegie Mellon School of Drama. She was born and raised in Santiago de Chile. When she moved to Pittsburgh to study theatre in college she discovered a passion for dance and storytelling through movement. One of the things that really excites her about theatre is the endless possibilities of collaboration, especially seeing the bridge between theater and technology merge more. She is very excited to be part of Rainvive and be a vessel for the storytelling of this project.

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