Week 2: New Storyboard and the Magic Feather

This week we all sit together to in deeply talk about the elements that we want to bring from the original story into our own design. We adjust some of the scenes and added some of the new elements. Finally, Rosy brought our ideas together to create our brand new storyboard.

As you can see, we added a new scene that the last leaf in the desert turned into a feather that later is worn by the girl on her hair band. we love this scene a lot because it not only makes the girl more spirit-like but also serves as the first interest point of the story. This feather will transit back into the leaf when the girl leaves at the end of the story. We also added a new flower character in, it will be revived by the girl first and then lead the camera to reveal the desert bloom at the climax.

Our character is started to be modeled by Rosy.

Full Model
Hair Hand Full Model Face

Cara created our environment mood board and started to find environment references and components. As in the mood board, the color toon will change from orange/red-ish to green-ish that will showcase the reviving and desert blooming.

Environment Mood Board

Desert_Plants Moodboard

Zoltan and JD were researching on their own fields. Zoltan is working on volumetric rendering for the clouds and Jd is working on FleX in Unreal for fluid and soft body simulation. Having a technical point list will help us better manage the time and process. Zoltan also played around with Unreal sequencer to make a Vertigo Stretch effect that will be later applied to one of the dolly-in shot.

In the end, we are proudly presenting our title.