Week 5: Go into the Development Phase

This week, Rosy and Cara worked together to create our poster. It’s filled up with the major elements in our story, the spirit girl, the feather, and the tree.

This character is made by Rosy. We will keep iterating on this character to make it more accurate.

Ben has been really helpful to shape our design and make our story really speaks for Native Americans. We labeled the important elements on our character design and discussed with Ben. He provided us with a detailed list of suggestions. We will modify our character design again.

Our first 3D Animatics is done by Zoltan. From now, we will be able to have a basic idea in terms of pacing and scale. At the same time, we have our first assets list. It includes each shot and the works that needs to be done for this specific shot. It will be updated along with the 3D Animtics.