Week 6: Iterated on the Character and Animatic

Last week, we asked Ben about the detailed feedback on our character design. He replied to us with a list of suggestions. We found several accessories references in Navajo culture according to his suggestions and made them a list. And then we got Ben’s approval on using the elements on our character.

Rosy started to add the decorations on our character, for example, a silver cuff.

This week, Benjamin Sorrell accepted our invitation to became our official cultural advisor. We will contact him once a week to ensure our project stays true to the culture.

He is Half Navajo and Half Choctaw of the Pearl River Band. He was born and raised in Gallup, New Mexico from there he studied for his BA in Ethnographic Anthropology with a minor in American Indian Studies at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona where he also began his career in the field of museums. Currently, he is the Associate Registrar at The Navajo Nation Museum in Window Rock Arizona, where he oversees research, archives, collections, donations and cultural education.

This Friday, we had a meeting with Ricardo to discuss our production pipeline. He suggested we look into the motion capture process and get familiar with it before we go into the motion capture lab. He also encouraged us to try different camera angles on the final tracking shots. With his helpful suggestions, we adjusted our 3d animatic.