Week 9: Moving Remotely, Lose the Motion Capture

We visited the Motion capture lab on the main campus during the spring break. Justin gave us a talk about how to operate the whole system. He also helped us get a sense of the timeframe of using motion capture in our project.

Coming back from the spring break, we heard a piece of heartbreaking news, the whole university is moving remotely because of the spreading of the Corona Virus. It took us some time to pick up the equipment from ETC and set them up at home. And because of that, making motion capture animations seems not possible.

We contacted our dancer Amara. She is going back home but will still be willing to provide us video references. Thanks, Amara!

We rethink the scope and redid the final tracking shot. We decided to use more close-ups, therefore, we can reduce a little bit amount of work. Here is the new 3D animatic.

Rosy finished the shoe models for the character and we will send those to Ben for further approvals.


买家秀 Capture 买家秀2 Shoe