Week 10: Start High-Quality Rendering

This week, we rethink the scope and made a detailed plan to help us better approach a finished product by the end of this semester.

We started to add ray-tracing to give our animation a higher lighting quality. As in the plan, we rendered the first two shots. At first, adding the raytracing slowed down the rendering time and that caused a new problem. Because some of the animations are related to the realtime frame, opening up raytracing made all of our grass moving 10 times faster than normal(As you can see in the first three seconds).

Zoltan dug into this problem and found the solution that adjusting the “delay between frames” setting in sequencer. Now our grass moves as smooth as before.

To receive feedback from our faculty advisers more conveniently, we set up a feedback form. We’ll put the pieces that we accomplished each day into the form, therefore, our advisers can respond to them frequently.

We will keep working on the rest shots and try to have a solid version for the play-test day the April. 5th.