Week 11: Meeting with Ben and Give it Magics

We were happy having a zoom meeting with Ben, our cultural adviser, again in early this week. It’s always exciting to meet with him especially after getting through a huge mess in the past two weeks. We shared about our new coming plan and how is the life going working remotely to each other. And the most important, we discussed about the character design again, as well as our dance references sending from our talented actress, Amara.

Ben likes the dances and movements a lot. He also pointed out the elements that can be changed on the character. For example, black is not a color that should be walked on. Rosy changed the bottom color immediately.

We are also going to add a pair of white leg wrappings to her as it showed in the picture.


We started to add different layers of rains, magic powers into the shots. The visualized hand and stylized wind effects are added as well. JD was successfully working on the first version of the hand gather water simulation in Houdini. All the effects will be presented in the play-testing export.

We are having a play-test survey that is opened to everybody. You can watch our newest video(followed by a short survey) via https://forms.gle/XakC5ijeU3Fd69sm8