Week 12: Make the flowers bloom

Early this week, we play-tested with several faculty and experts. The results are really valuable for us.

A good amount of people understand what is happening in the story without any explanations. Most of the confusion is caused the unfinished parts. One of them said he likes the one that without any explanation to “leave it up to the audience to interpret.”

Without Caption
With Caption
Without Caption With Caption

We asked the play-testers to summarize the story as their understanding. Most of them mentioned keywords like “revive the desert”, “desert spirit”, “celebrate the rain”, “the cycle is set to repeat”. One of them even pointed out the message we wish to show through this piece that it is “A visualization of the dessert bloom that happens each year. Maybe the myth behind how it happens.”

When asking who the girl is, most of them said “A nature spirit”, “Nature/natural forces”, “Rain, energy, earth, cycle”, “The myth”. From those answers, we could observe that from the storytelling aspect, we are in good shape. From them we just need to improve the visuals, simply means, make the flowers really bloom.

When asking for the suggestions, people mentioned make the desert bloom more, increase the saturation at the end, make the ground wetter, and have the sky change more. So for the entire this week, we are working on bring all the effects and visuals up a level and make them strong to the audiences.

Cara and Zoltan worked together to have the cactus blooms right in front of a camera that it’s really impressive.

Weidi worked with Zoltan to have the raindrop close-up done that shows how the rain starts.

Therefore, we have our newest renders here.