Week 5: A Slight Change…

This week is Quarters week. We were excited to showcase our design, research and tech demos for the ETC faculty.

We talked about our initial design approach in last week’s blog post. Besides that, we showed three early tech demos for the experiences we were prototyping.

VR Demo

AR Demo

MR (Mixed Reality) Demo

Then, there was a twist!
Our client suggested that we work with a new show “Relationship Status”.

“An interweaving cast of 20- and 30-somethings navigate the complexities of dating and relationships in the modern age of social media.”

We were surprised and delighted by this new direction. Previously we had been struggling find engaging experiences for QB1. However, we find ourselves so much more engaged with the new show, and this makes it easier to design for.

We also had to redesign our branding materials, but it was not too much of a hassle. Can you spot the differences?



See you next week!