Week 8 – Adventures in Scaling

This week, we analyzed our playtest results from last week and used it to dictate our highest priority targets for the experience to work on both platforms.

One of the most important challenges is to optimize the scale of the models and layout of all the environments for both of the platforms we are working on. We are also refocusing efforts on our opening and ending scenes to get them to the same level of development as the Land of Night and the Land of Day.

Rich man’s side in the opening scene
Land of Day
Land of Night portal

We are also making progress on getting our characters ready for animation, with our judged characters in the rigging and UV phase.

Given the temporary Oculus blackout this week, we took our Oculus build and demoed it in the CAVE for our faculty advisors. They gave us a lot of good insight and feedback for dealing with the issues of scaling in each environment. A big takeway is that even though both platforms provide guests with similar fields of view for important environmental elements, we will need separate versions of the scenes that are scaled accordingly for each platform.

Opening sequence critique
Land of Day critique

We are experimenting with tricks and are drawing inspiration from different tricks used in traditional animation.

Our other focus this week was practicing for halves. Next week is spring break, and most of our team will be absent the following week for GDC.

Reviewing and rehearsing halves presentation slides

As part of the preparation for halves, we had to discuss our plans and priorities for the rest of the semester in order to be able to concretely communicate them to the faculty in Week 10.

See you in two weeks!