Week 2

Hello and welcome to Team Sweet Talk’s weekly newsletter!


Yes, we have a new team name! We ran into a couple of hurdles with our earlier name being used for a 2011 project… so much for being clever. This was our second week on the project. We started the week with an all-hands meeting on Monday where each project sends one member to present what was done the week before, followed by feedback from peers and advisers. This week, we presented our research in depth to the group.


Following the all-hands, we worked on a rough draft of project metrics and design pillars. We decided to brainstorm individually and started documenting ideas while continuing our research. From a production standpoint, we set up a task management routine and had our RACI priorities sorted.


Picking the brains of our classmates helped us gain valuable information and feedback, most of all a big list of demos we should try in VR before going forward in our brainstorming process. This week, we also started working on our branding materials such as our project poster, half-sheets and team photo. We presented our plan for the next few weeks to our client and discussed project requirements and goals. We’re looking to create a single experience using voice as its primary input in a VR environment. Here’s our first draft of design pillars:

  1. Smart AI
  2. Voice First
  3. Innovative Experience/Mechanics


Later in the week, we started compiling ideas with potential and presented them to the team, after which we made sure we got down a core mechanic from each idea and set them under categories. Throughout this process, we categorized our guest roles as:


  1. Command / Delegate
  2. Instruct / Teach
  3. Seek Assistance
  4. Assist
  5. Converse


We will be sharing more as we move forward into the semester! Thank you for visiting; see  you next week!

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