Week 7

The week of GDC 2017!


Most of our team was out for GDC 2017 – but we had a few developments from the tech side. Our programming team worked on developing a better structure to get various commands from Alexa. We have a game log system to track playerโ€™s real-time data and our system now supports teaching Alexa the name and color of an object.

We had the opportunity to visit Oculus Story Studio, where we shared our demo. We also shared our brainstormed ideas and pitch for the future weeks. We managed to get a lot of great feedback for the demo and the pitch โ€“

  • How does the player know what they did they do to the AI – Perhaps a training report
  • Kids make up own words for things, maybe try leveraging that
  • They had a few ideas of their own like using a borrowed robot AI that was mistrained. The guest could now teach the AI
  • Have the AI ask questions to direct the conversation

That’s all for the week! Do drop in next week for more updates ๐Ÿ™‚


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