Week 15

Hello and welcome to our weekly newsletter! This was our last week before finals! And we did a lot this week!


  • Fixed the Latency Issue
  • No more printed order
  • Get me this. Ok, but what do you call it?
    • Erin: but you can’t do that anymore because all the fruits are wrong
  • Changed teaching from pointing to using fruits to teach
  • Added fruits and implementing the teaching using fruits
  • Added new fruit textures
  • Removed Alien Language
  • Worked on video, currently in final editing
  • Started working on Post-Mortem Report
    • Lot of learning and reflecting
    • Erin: Would like to see a ranked list of lessons, what would you do knowing what you do now?
    • Carl: What’s missing that would make this better (what doesn’t technically exist right now)?
    • Lessons about AI paying attention to you


Our plan from last week:

  • Video & archive
  • Remove alien language
  • Try using fruits instead of pointing
  • Make intro a bit more conversational
    • Might have robot just beep until player speaks
    • Introduce by name
  • Erin: tweak gravity… it’s distracting

Plan ahead:

  • Make the intro more conversational
  • Wrap up documentation
    • Post-Mortem
    • Technical Documentation
    • Archives


Overall we will be working on our finals next week! We have started compiling a presentation we got some faculty feedback about the story arc of the presentation. And we plan to rehearse for finals, and are working on getting our short demo into the presentation!

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