Etaba Assigana

Roles: Creative Director, Composer/Sound Designer, Digital Media Specialist

Etaba is a Masters student at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Computational Media at the Georgia Institute of Technology. His academic and career interests include sound design, narrative creation/storytelling, and game design. He is also generally interested in web development, graphic design, and UI/UX design. His non-academic interests include: DJing, music production, breakdancing, skateboarding, parkour, video games, and watching movies.

Eric Chang

Roles: Lead Programmer, Game Designer

Eric Chang graduated from Carnegie Mellon University’s undergraduate computer science program. He works towards a future in game design and/or game programming; and interned at Riot Games (of League of Legends™ fame) these past two summers. His other interests include playing video games, piano, ultimate frisbee, parkour, and reading.

Seungsuk Cho

Role: Producer

Seungsuk Cho graduated from the Catholic University of Korea, having majored in Computer Engineering. Before attending Carnegie Mellon University, he worked in the Korean gaming industry for 6 years as a game designer, producer and market researcher. Now he’s found that nothing is more interesting than developing an educational, transformational game.

Vivek Kotecha

Role: Programmer

Vivek Kotecha is a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center. He completed his undergraduate program at the Gujarat Technological University, receiving a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Information Technology. He wishes to become a gameplay programmer in the future and probably someday have his own game studio. Besides games, his other interests are Texas Hold ‘Em poker, tennis and soccer.

Bing Liu

Role: Artist

Bing Liu is a current graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Media at Zhejiang University in China, which gave her a solid background in both art and programming. Her areas of interest are 3D modeling, animation and script language programming. She is eager to balance art with technology; and is currently pursuing her newfound passion as a 3D artist.

Hannah Turner

Role: Artist

Hannah (pronounced ‘HAHN’-‘uh’) Turner graduated from Goucher College with a Bachelor of Art degree concentrating in Studio Art, and a Minor in Art History. She is currently interested in concept and character art; but is open to change and discovery. Her hobbies are collecting books, crafting, and horseback riding.

Yan “Rock” Zhang

Role: Programmer

Yan “Rock” Zhang graduated from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, receiving a Master’s degree in Digital Media Technology. His main interests are game programming and game design. He also enjoys learning a bit of psychology in his spare time.

Project Instructors: Mike Christel and Scott Stevens
Client Consultants: Dr. Anthony Mannarino, Ph. D and Dr. Judith Cohen M.D.