Week 3

We spent much of last week meeting with our clients and brainstorming what we want our project to look like. We have determined (3) key focus points:

  • Student Interaction
    • Student needs a space to celebrate their achievement
    • Allow students to share their achievements! (w/ parents, grandparents, babysitter, etc.)
    • Opportunity to interact with  badges
      • See badge “stats”
      • See what badges they need to earn
      • Each badge = sticker they can use in app
    • Motivation to continue earning
  • Parent Experience
    • Each app will have a badge library which will show the parent what badges the student has earned, and what they need to work on.
    • Badge “stats” page
      • Date stamp for when badge was earned
      • Tells skill used to earn badge
      • Badges not earned yet will also have a stats page, showing what skills
  • Learning outside of the classroom
    • Currently badges are awarded and stay in the classroom
      • However, students can earn badges anywhere! Home, playground, extracurriculars etc.
    • Want students to show off their badges, enjoy bringing them home and interacting with them
    • Creating an environment where learning isn’t just happening inside the classroom

We worked and came up with our Log Line, which helped us to hone in on these categories, and get specific about what we are trying to do.

Log Line: Universal Insignia is creating an application to bring motivation into and learning out of the classroom. This experience will allow students to celebrate and interact with their achievements as well as give parents the unique opportunity to engage directly with their child’s education.

Ultimately we are going to create an application that will allow the student to take a photo of their badge and it will load it into their badge library. There they can check the stats of the badge: A photo, when they earned it, what skill it displays and what new sticker they have earned.

Each badge will translate into a sticker they can use to create environments in the sticker page. There are (3) environments: Ocean, Forest and Space. These correspond to the (3) sections of the badge breakdown we were provided by EFSD.

We are happy for our scrum board to start filling up, and we are working hard on getting prototypes and design options together!

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