On Week 5

We made a new demo and add UI button.


And we made paper prototype testing.



During Walkaround, ETC faculty asked us to think deeply why we want to use AR for this project. For this question, we discussed with our clients. This is the answer we have so far, but we will keep digging deep for this questions.

Discussion on Why use AR on this project

AR is a hot field. The advertising company is asking for it. Although there are some AR marketing applications, they do not have many finger interactions. 360 video cannot interact with the object, and not many advertising company interested in. Companies want to show off their product in hologram. They want to show their product in sexy, appealing and interactive way.

We believe AR is the next stop for marketing and advertising. Mobile AR is cheap and fast to built in with different platforms, and easy to reach potential customers.

How does our project affect sales or generate revenue?

Our project is a general exploration. We are making a tool, stories not included.

Our team video chatted with clients on Friday at 4 pm – 5pm. We showed them the newest finger gestures prototype.

Questions we discussed in the meeting,

  • Customization for the product? ┬áNo Need. Just focus on interaction and manipulation with the finger gestures
  • Do you want us to use 3D model or real product for the prototype? 3D model is good, around 400,000-600,000 polygons
  • Can we add UI ? Yes. Use buttons for animations. Generalized the button, and name as Animation 1, Animation 2, Animation 3, Animation 4
  • Do you want us to imitate the real actions or single tap to show animation? Imitate the actions
  • Can we use some other platforms? Unity + AR Tool Kit + Wikitude

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