Week 6: It Arrives!

Feb 18 2019. The day the Voxon finally arrives. We are so excited!

What better way to test the machine than to fire it up? The Voxon comes preloaded with demos that we spent hours playing with.

The machine has some specific lighting needs, as you can easily see the reflection of our christmas lights on the dome.
Finished off a very exciting week with putting our very own logo in the Voxon!

This first week we focused on learning as much about the machine as we could, mostly using the pre-loaded demos. Here are some of our learnings from this first week:

  • Cross sections are interesting; could make entire experience around zooming in and moving around the image itself (like a 3D where’s waldo)
  • Flicker is a definite issue:
    • Brighter makes it more noticeable
    • Red/Blue darker colors are less noticeable
  • Space Mouse is incredibly unintuitive
  • Lag higher with higher density
  • UI sucks
  • Hypnotic colorful psychedelic demos are the coolest
    • Particle effects and patterns
  • Stacking, jumping, and platforms are a cool mechanic given the height
  • Full bright multicolor is much better than monochrome for visual pop and identification
  • Kind of limiting… good to know constraints of platform when considering it as potential BVW or visual story platform