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About us

Voyage is a multiuser mobile virtual reality (VR) experience for Google Daydream that allows students to go on virtual field trips in which they immersively explore a deciduous forest biome. The experience is designed to be undertaken in a middle-school classroom and facilitated by a teacher using a tablet computer. Through this project, we explored different interaction techniques used to promote collaboration among students as well as between the students and the teacher. On our blogs, we talk about challenges faced, their solutions, lessons learned, and creative ways in which the affordances of both wearable immersive VR and of a shared physical space can be simultaneously leveraged to support collaborative learning, especially when using resource-constrained platforms like Google Daydream.

Our team



Thoughts on our Third School Playtest

Thoughts on Playtest 3   We were extremely happy with our last playtest. A lot of our changes paid off and vastly […]

Week 12

This week was mostly polishing small features in our experience. Sharan worked on some data visualizations to analyze the data collected from […]

Week 11

Week 11 This week was a smooth week for Project Voyage. Julian (me) was out for most of the week to go […]

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