Week 11

Week 11

This week was a smooth week for Project Voyage. Julian (me) was out for most of the week to go to a conference in Los Angeles. The rest of the team worked on polishing our product to make it ready for our next Cornell School playtest.

Sharan and Rajeev worked to make the UI for the teacher clearer. This included implementing a list of the scavenger hunt clues for each team that would update in real time as the students solved the clues. It also included creating a new list of other incentives for the students (i.e. which student read the most blurbs, which student got the least number of incorrect answers, etc) that the teacher could view if they wanted.

We also made the web UI more friendly. The teacher can now use the whiteboard in the staging area to display any notes that they would like to present for the students.

Lastly, was our playtest with the students! We’ll do a full write up of it soon!


Until Next Time!