Week 2

Week 2 , we decided to make first prototype called “Presentation Karaoke” next 2 weeks.

And also finally we got all the platform we need.

4 android devices, Oculus  rift, Samsung Gear VR and Kinect2.

First, we made simple flow chart how it works.


Second, we built server for website and uploading presentation slide.

Third, we integrated Unity engine and Android application that we can build our application in Unity and export to Android.


We successfully built unity application that can access microphone in Android device and also it can record and playback in real time.

Fourth, In the unity side, we built simple 3D virtual environment and basic functions. we used google cardboard sdk.

Room FaceCrowd OpenDoor

Fifth, we designed basic UI for application and website.

ui-backgroud webstie-testing (1)