Applied to SIGGRAPH VR Village

<DOCUMENTATION> Abstract We present VR Rehearsal, a mobile VR application to assist general public to practice presentation in an innovative and convenient way. It is able to create immersive presentation environment as well as provide various types of feedback, both real-time reaction from simulated virtual audience and non real-time statistics visualization. The application assists presenters to self-evaluate and self-improve their skills Read more about Applied to SIGGRAPH VR Village[…]

Unity Android Custom Plugin with Cardboard SDK

We had a hard time for merging our custom plugin with Unity google cardboard SDK. Unity only provides single main activity in Android side. We used two tricks for using other activity in Unity main activity : using Intent android native function and Inheritance from google cardboard unity activity. By using these method, we could combine Google Read more about Unity Android Custom Plugin with Cardboard SDK[…]

Graphics & Optimization #3: Combining static objects

Rendering multiple meshes and objects is not a good choice for optimization. The starting point of optimization should be decreasing number of draw call and batches. For this, we decreased the number of vertices and materials as possible as we can. There were two method we used for our application: combining mesh in 3D software Blender and Read more about Graphics & Optimization #3: Combining static objects[…]

Design Guideline

We have researched the important factors of good presentations since the beginning of semester. Through books, articles and thesis about good presentations, We found out several factors including loudness, fluency, eye-contact, time management, confidence and so on. Among the factors, we selected factors which can technically be trackable and be possible to process for feedback data. In the Read more about Design Guideline[…]