Design Guideline

We have researched the important factors of good presentations since the beginning of semester. Through books, articles and thesis about good presentations, We found out several factors including loudness, fluency, eye-contact, time management, confidence and so on. Among the factors, we selected factors which can technically be trackable and be possible to process for feedback data. In the Read more about Design Guideline[…]

Week 9

For this week, we were doing play test. For our Tool, this play test session was a great opportunity as one of the key elements of my course is iterative design, the process of designing, beginning development, product testing, receiving feedback, and continuing development based on tester feedback. The visitors from  ASSOC. was incredibly valuable Read more about Week 9[…]

Week 8

  For week 8,  our programmers implemented some features of the app, including the long-waiting heat map tracker and generator.  Also polished optimization. The crowd simulator now also supports dividing the whole audiences into different small “chatting groups” so that the audiences in the same chatting group may char together. In addition, I improved the scene Read more about Week 8[…]

Week 7

This week our team mainly focused on graphics optimization. The fact that the position of presenter and virtual audiences in the environment remains still makes it possible to remarkably optimize the graphics performance.  Lighting Lightmap and light probes are baked for the environment in order to completely remove dynamic lights. Since the presentation scene is Read more about Week 7[…]

Week 6

Week 6 is our SIGGARPH week. We attend the Competition of SIGGARPH 2016, which is the most influential annual event in computer graphics and interactive techniques. We had to submit our work before this weekend. In these programs, we shared our words and experiences with writing a formal paper and digital video. Instead, we also Read more about Week 6[…]

Week 5

Quarter Presentation. For this week, we have to force on the Quarter Presentation and Project Metrics. The most important part is to collect the feedbacks from Quarters. First, attached file is new Project Metrics score. Today, our team discussed this documentation and we highlighted components what are very important and not that important. Please review Read more about Week 5[…]

Week 4

At the beginning of this week, we were continuing doing the voice recognition. And also prepare the Quarter Presentation. To streamline our process, we created a demo through which we could express our tool.   We also prepared the PowerPoint, which will help us to explain our project. The presentation will cover about project description, Read more about Week 4[…]