Week 9 – Halfway Through

This was a crazy week for us here in Wonderland. We were not only adjusting to being back from spring break, but we also started meeting with local computer science and technology instructors to start getting some feedback on the potential for these sorts of experiences to function as educational tools, as well as preparing […]

Week 7 – Of Factories and Flags

This week we started development on our next two prototypes: a modifiable chain of flags to demonstrate linked lists and a car factory to illustrate the benefits of modular programming. We also did some post-mortem documentation and final tweaks on the last two prototypes, keeping track of what the strengths and weaknesses of each are […]

Week 5 – Quarters

It’s hard to believe, but we’re already a quarter of the way through the semester! This week was primarily about getting feedback from the faculty and using it to nail down what we plan to do for the rest of the semester. On Monday, all the faculty came through for a brief presentation and conversation. […]

Week 4 – Figuring Things Out

This was the first week that we really split up and worked on substantially different tasks. We started development on our solar system prototype as well as preparing new pitches for our client and reaching out to computer science instructors. We also finalized our branding materials based on feedback we received early in the week. […]

Week 3 – Getting Going

Research We did one more round of group research this week, focusing on the unique strengths of virtual reality, Digital Dream Labs, the use of virtual reality in schools, rapid prototyping, and virtual reality education games and interactions. Learning more about these topics helped us to clarify our project and how we might want to […]

Week 2 – Down the (Research) Rabbit Hole

This week we dove into researching topics related to our project in order to get ourselves familiar with the space before we start prototyping. We met with Eric on Wednesday and Friday to get feedback and additional resources. Our focus was on topics like computer science education and virtual reality interactions with regards to education, […]