Week11 development log

For this week, we focused on playtest day and absorbed the feedback from it.

What was Good:

  1. We now have discernable feedback when you reflect light and take damage.
  2. Having random light directions seems to work way better than one circular light.


What wasn’t so good:

  1. Sometimes it’s hard to tell where the light is in the 3D space.
  2. Drift is still a big issue. For example, there was a light source that was very far away.
  3. The mirror spawning is not only not implemented correctly, but also not intuitive to the player.
  4. Players still feel most comfortable walking around a circle regardless of a ball in the center.
  5. The game was bugged out so reflecting and receiving light was near impossible.
  6. The light source is still changing too fast.
  7. Sometimes the random direction and position of the light source is out of reach for certain players.



In terms of our questions:

  1. Aiming couldn’t really be tested so that question can’t really be answered.
  2. When they were on screen the new feedback graphics looked great. I’m sure when the bugs are fixed, we’ll be able to tell if they read well.

The UI/UX designer created win and lose designs to end the round for our upcoming playtests as well as a countdown to start the game. We decided to hold several rounds so that players can prepare for the change in light and to score more points.

Our artists reiterated on the particle system this week. Playtests revealed that guests had difficulty differentiating the various lights as well as what direction they were pointing towards. In response to this, they created more color options and added more particles moving in the direction of the light. They also adjusted the previous hit beam to be brighter and more compact and leave a small trail as it moves across the scene.