Week 14 development log

For this week, we did our soft opening and our client asked us to pivot to document everything for the next team than implement more feature. So we have a list of all the venues that we left and also would benefit the whole experience.

We also had the list for ending this project.

Things must be done:

Archive – due 12.4 (This Friday, can still add more things after 12.4)

3D statue for festival – due 12.4

Video trailer – due 12.11(Next Friday, should cover project introduction, project goal/objectives, why this project works/meets the objectives, challenges and solution in each discipline?  Video should have voice over )  2-3 mins

Adding BGM and SFX – due 12.13

The Spectator mode – due 12.13

Title screen – due 12.13

3D model( UI?) for the barrier and target – due 12.13

Final slides – due 12.13