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ETC West Coast Trip

ETC West Coast Trip

The West Coast Trip is an annual event all ETC students experience.  This year, it is with a twist.  It is happening virtually.  Much care and thoughts have gone into planning the 2021 trip to ensure the valuable experiences and spirit of the trip are maintained while in a virtual setting.

During these four days, students will participate in a total of six virtual site visits with relevant employers.  These site visits provide a glimpse into the company culture, their work, what they look for when hiring, and most importantly, a chance for the students to ask questions and learn about the company.  The outcome from these visits is not only to build connections between employers and the students but also to help the students understand all the different roles they will be qualified for with an ETC degree.

In addition to the site visits, the students will have a chance to meet up with alumni in both the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas.  These two areas have a large concentration of ETC alumni.  During the Meet-Up, there will be a panel talking about living, working, and playing in these cities.  Experiencing Los Angeles and the Bay Area has always been a valuable part of the West Coast Trip for students.  For many, it’s the first time they’ve visited these cities.  The Alumni Meet-Up also provides an opportunity for alumni and students to meet each other and we’ll use breakout rooms to facilitate conversations.