It is the start of a new semester. We are all excited and want to do our best to make it the best project!

EA wants a snowball fight game on Connect TV, which is connecting your phones or other mobile devices to the set-top box, and using those mobile devices as controllers to play games on the TV; in this case it means throwing snowballs towards each other. This is a game designed for a family to relax and have fun. EA already have some game features in mind: the game should support both single-player (against AI) and local multiplayer mode; it should be suitable for a family, and its target players are children from elementary to junior high. Regarding game mechanics, the game should involve crafting of snow fort and shooting of snowballs.

After hearing about this, we discussed for a while and came up with some rough ideas:

  • The game has two parts, crafting and fighting. This can make the play-style more funny and diverse
  • In order to be friendly to children and family, the art style should be cute
  • Also sound effect should be both exciting and cute

In the very first week, our game designer, Jerry, suggested that we should design the different mechanics separately, find the sweet spot of each mechanics; the mechanics are: crafting, shooting and dodging. And each of the three programmers prototype one mechanic.


Those are the three prototypes: dodging, construction and shooting.