Project Darkstar is an open source project that is administrated by Sun microsystems.

Darkstar ETC project

Darkstar ETC project

It can be is summed up best as follows:

“Project Darkstar is a software platform that simplifies The development of horizontally scalable servers for online games, virtual worlds, and social networking applications. Its revolutionary design will eliminate serious problems like zone overloading, data corruption, and inefficient server utilization, while enabling new dimensions of play such as evolvable virtual worlds and very large scale battlefields.”

Now, the Darkstar ETC project will be making a number of games in order To test drive The project darkstar system and providing feedback To Sun about what is good with it, what isn’t so good and how They can further improve it.

Further, we will be providing The project darkstar server and a python/Panda3d client interface To The students currently Taking building virtual Worlds in order To get more perspectives and feedback on The system as well as see how easy it is To Teach others how To use it, which is an important usability factor out in The real world.